safety shower trailer stall


Where the Safey Shower Trailers are Used

The safety shower trailers are built in our factory and offered for sale.  For example,  industrial sites working with acids and caustic fluids require the safety shower trailer to be on site.  Firstly, an oil field fracking site uses this mobile drench shower.  Secondly, the safety shower trailer provides emergency relief on an industrial site working with harmful chemicals .  Additionally, other examples where a mobile safety shower is utilized is mining sites and chemical factory locations.  While used as an oil field safety shower it is easily transported from oil rig site to a new drilling site.  Another example where mobility is important are remote construction sites. Finally, the trailer is used where city water is not ready and available.

How the Safety Shower Trailers are Used

This safety shower trailers allows for a quick response to exposure to contaminants.  Most importantly, the shower includes both an overhead shower and an eye washing shower. Therefore, it rapidly responds to accidents.  In case an individual is exposed to damaging chemicals a quick response is immediate.  So, the quick drench shower with a shower head and pump system allows for a minimum of 20 gallons of tepid water per minute.  Over 300 gallons of water is preheated to a luke-warm temperature.  Therefore, the water is prepared for an immediate emergency response.

Features of the Safety Shower Trailer

The standard fresh water tank size of 300 gallons is standard in this safety shower trailer.  While an additional 200 gallons of fresh water is optioned into some floor plans.  Firstly, the standard floor plan offers an anti-slip and acid resistant shower pan.  Secondly, a bench seat is built into the shower room to allow for comfortable change of clothes. Additional features include generators and fuel tanks for generators.  Also, a winter package for the safety shower trailer allows for the trailer use during the extreme cold months in the oil fields.