Oil Field Trailers designs, builds, and offers drug testing trailers for sale from our assembly factory. Trailers include either 2 or 3 stations. All models include private rooms which are monitored to guarantee an accurate drug test. Each private room includes a toilet and a stall. Also, the trailers feature a central working countertop for registering clients. Furthermore, storage cabinets hold supplies for testing and office supplies.

drug testing trailer countertop

Key Features of the Drug Testing Trailers

Although the 2 station trailer allows for more room around the clerk desk, the 3 station trailer allows for more drug tests to run at the same time. In addition, both styles can consist of blue dyed water to prevent false un-monitored drug tests. The employer can control the water supplying the toilets from the exterior of the rooms. Large testing events may require a larger waste holding tank which is available upon request.

All trailers have a city connection for water supply, which can also fill the on-board water tank. Whether you need the trailer for short term or long term use, these trailers accommodate all your needs. The fiberglass exterior finish is durable, dent resistant, and seamless. Upgraded chassis and radial tires come standard on all trailers.

An employer saves money and time by using a drug testing trailer on-site. For example, these trailers allow employers to test potential employees without them leaving the site. Generally drug tests get closely monitored by a medical professional, so these trailers allow for a comfortable yet manageable testing experience. All models include an on-board fresh water tank, allowing testing to occur in remote locations. Other features of trailers include full insulation with optional heat, roof mounted air conditioning, and an LED interior/exterior lighting package. For more information on drug testing trailers, visit Mobile Command Trailers. For more types of trailers, visit Sanitation Trailers.