drug testing trailer countertop


The drug testing trailers are built and offered for sale from our assembly factory. While several drug testing trailer models are offered for sale.  Importantly, standard floor plans include either a two or three station model. Both models have private rooms monitored to guarantee an accurate drug test. The central design of the trailer features a working countertop for registering clients.  Storage cabinets hold office supplies and resting supplies.

Key Features of the Drug Testing Trailers

Additionally, the water is controlled from outside of the testing station. A wall switch offered limits the water to the toilet. Or blue die kits installed prevent false un-monitored drug tests. A large on- board fresh tank builds into the trailer or a city connection can be used to supply the trailers fresh water source.

Whether your needs are for short term mobile testing or set up for long term use. The drug testing trailer accommodates these needs.  Durable features include a fiberglass exterior finish.  Which is dent resistant and seamless.  An upgrade chassis and upgrade radial tires included.  For a link to see more sanitation trailers.