At Oil Field Trailers, we offer many different sizes and styles of shower trailers. We manufacture trailers with a range of 1 to 16 showers. Our trailers can also include toilets and sinks with the showers, as combination trailers. We include the toilets and sinks in every private room, which each have a shower. The 16 shower trailer is the only one that doesn't offer toilets and sinks, and it is also a gooseneck trailer. All the trailers can be equipped with a large waste water holding tank, which is inside the frame, so it doesn't take away any space from the rest of the trailer. All trailers also have locking doors for the shower rooms. An example of our combination trailers is a trailer that has 2 showers, toilets, and sinks. All trailers include an on-board fresh water tank as well as a city water connection.

oil field shower trailers


We offer air conditioning, winter packages with heated rooms, and heated water tanks. Many of our trailers, like shower trailers, are built for use at man camps, construction sites, and oil drilling sites. All trailers can include either a water heater that has a tank, or an instant water heater. Durable fiberglass shower panes and smooth non-slip flooring is standard in all shower trailers to prevent falls and injuries. The combination trailer toilets are foot flush and water conserving to minimize the amount of waste entering the on-board waste tank. Metered water conserving faucets comes standard with the sinks to limit water usage. You can view more shower trailers at richrestrooms.com.