Living quarters trailers

living quarter trailers

Living quarters trailers

Living quarters trailers are a variety of specialty trailers built and offered for sale. Trailers used in both the oil fields and on construction sites.  For example, a sleeping trailer allows a larger number of crew sleeping quarters by double stacking beds.  Also, these trailers offer a built in bathroom with an available shower.  Secondarily, a trailer provides space to allow a superintendent to live while managing oil field sites. Finally, a kitchen, a bathroom, and bedroom included with these trailers.


Another trailer to be used on construction sites is the trailer to monitor and test at oil field sites.  Furthermore, this trailer includes room for testing equipment, working counter tops and a restroom.  Additional options available are heating and cooling for the trailer. Along with, options such as deep testing sinks and stereos.  Finally, standard floor plans are created for in the living quarters trailers for efficient and comfortable use of space.

More specialty trailers are available for use for baths and toilets.  To speak with a product manager please contact a product manager. For more specialty trailers offered.